Healthy lunches and snacks with Mavericks!

By Marissa Hermer

Back to school is well and truly over – we are now very much in the grind. And though we’ve found our rhythm as a family with our morning school run (with three different drop-offs…EEK!), every morning STILL feels like a fire drill. 

As all of us want to sleep as long as possible (there are no early morning risers in the Hermer family; Matt and I groggily get out of bed at 6.45am to attempt to shower and prepare ourselves for the madness of the morning before the kids tear out of their bedrooms at 7am), and so we have one hour to get everyone dressed, fed, teeth brushed, hair brushed (sometimes, if we are lucky!), and out the door into the car.

And in the midst of all this madness, I pack three school snacks and lunches. It is a herculean task and yet if you are a mother or a father a young child or children, our own morning routine probably sounds quite similar to yours. How can we make this all a little easier? And by easier, I mean what are my tricks to have a seamless screamless morning? My trick is to do whatever I can do to decrease decisions in the morning.

Our kids can take HOURS making a decision. Which shoes to wear? Which shirt to wear? Now we ask the kids to choose their clothes for school the night before, so when they wake up, it is all picked out and laid out on the floor. Taa-Daah! One less decision to make. The truth is, in the morning, without my coffee – and sometimes even WITH my coffee, I find decisions hard to make. What to make for breakfast? And of course the children will have an opinion about what they want and sometimes they think our home kitchen is a restaurant so they each can choose a different breakfast…NOPE! I’ve created a rotating calendar for morning breakfasts – Monday is French Toast that I can make the night before, Tuesday is an Egg Frittata (also made the night before…), and so on and so forth. Again, one less decision to make is a minute saved.

Then comes the healthy snacks and lunches to be made. This is a minefield of decisions but ENTER Mavericks Snacks, who has solved this for me and makes our mornings SO much smoother. With three snacks to pack and another three lunches to pack, I’ve been on a snack pack hunt for the last couple years. Thank heavens for Mavericks – I just grab a few packs for the kids snacks (they love the Poppin’ Corn – and of course all have their favourite flavours – Sadie loves Super Strawb, Max loves Moon Cheese, and Jake loves Orange-utan) and then add a couple packs for their lunch boxes - they all love the Lil’ Brix for a sweet fix. It’s also great that all Mavericks’ snacks are healthy and junk free!

And we are out the door – a screamless seamless morning!


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